Food rotary pump (cam)

Кулачковые насосы серии LBS
LB series rubber lobe vane pump
Пищевой кулачковый насос серии LIS
LIS series food cam pump

The cam pumps are the perfect solution for pumping products in food production. The pumps are available in an ultra-clean (ultra-hygienic) design, which is achieved by high quality polishing of the internal and external parts of the pump, as well as the absence of stagnant zones. Possibility to select the type of cams for the required product and working conditions.

Cam pumps - features of operation and application

The cam pump is considered one of the most difficult pumps to design and manufacture, as it requires the highest quality of materials and components, precision machining of all surfaces and a highly accurate assembly process. The complex manufacturing process and the high price of cam pumps compared to other types of positive displacement pumping machines are justified by the low cost of operation.

There are virtually no wearing parts in a rotary pump. The rotary pump is designed for daily operation. The design of the cam pump makes it possible to process with hot steam, i.e. temperatures up to 150°C, which is important for the pharmaceutical and food industries. This type of pump, if properly selected and installed, can operate for many years without the need to replace components.

The advantages of cam (rotary) pumps:

  • Gentle pumping of the product, preservation of the structure and condition of the pumped medium;
  • High structural reliability and increased wear resistance;
  • Low level of pulsation in the discharge pipeline;
  • No vibration and minimal noise;
  • To replace the mechanical seal, the pump does not need to be dismantled from the drive, just the front cover;