Types of pumps by industry:

The dairy industry is an important sector of the food industry, which includes enterprises producing milk and various dairy products. Its role in the economy and people's lives cannot be overestimated, as dairy products are a source of valuable nutrients necessary for a healthy diet.

The meat industry is a sector of the economy that produces, processes and sells meat products. It includes various industries, such as animal breeding, slaughtering, meat processing, canned food, sausages, hams and other meat products.

The chemical industry is a powerful sector of the heavy industry, covering a wide range of production facilities aimed at manufacturing various chemical products. It plays a key role in many areas of life, providing raw materials and supplies to other sectors of the economy and creating consumer goods.

The beverage industry is a broad industry that encompasses the production, distribution and sale of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. It plays an important role in the global economy, generating billions of dollars each year and employing millions of people.

The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that covers the research, development, mass production, market research and distribution of medicines. Its main goal is to provide people with the medicines they need to prevent, alleviate and treat diseases.