Barrel pump

Industrial barrel pumps are designed for pumping various substances, both neutral and highly aggressive mixtures and industrial liquids from kegs, barrels, containers, tanks, industrial baths and other complex containers.

Modern barrel pumps can simplify the process of unloading barrels and other industrial containers as much as possible, or transfer liquid from one container to another at different flow rates.

Different versions of the flow part, ranging from chemical-resistant plastic fittings to high-alloy stainless steel, make it possible to pump almost any process medium, including highly concentrated solutions of alkalis, acids and their mixtures.


As a rule, high-speed single-phase and three-phase electric motors and pneumatic motors are used as drives for barrel pumps. Very often, for more viscous and abrasive media, the barrel pump is based on an electrically driven screw pump. If it is not possible to use an electric drive due to the fact that explosive liquids are being unloaded in the production process, a barrel pump based on a diaphragm pump is used. For explosive applications, we use pumps in ATEX-explosion-proof stainless steel with pneumatic motors.


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  • Barrel pump
  • Pump mounting frame with drive
  • Lid (For certain types of Eurocubes)
Бочковой насос
Installing a barrel pump

The suction nozzle of the cask pump must be positioned in an upright position during installation. The barrel pump must be immersed in the vessel and only operate in the presence of liquid; dry running or the presence of air bubbles can damage the internal bushings in the lower part of the nozzles.

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