Results of Interpack 2023 Düsseldorf

What is Interpack 2023? Interpack is much more than just a packaging trade fair. As the world's leading trade fair, it is the main source of inspiration for the packaging industry and all related processes. More than 2,800 exhibitors from over 60 countries presented their latest ideas, concepts and technological visions at Interpack. Not only did they present [...]

How often do you come across barrel pumps?

As the name implies, barrel pumps are designed to pump liquid media from containers such as barrels, Eurocubes, tanks, etc. During pumping, they perform various tasks in relation to the consumer: packing, emptying, pumping over a distance horizontally and vertically. By their design, barrel pumps can be classified as semi-submersible. Barrel pumps differ from semi-submersible centrifugal pumps [...]


This month, we delivered two SYDEX pumps to one of the leading Ukrainian production facilities, which makes us proud of the work we have done. The sooner we deliver them, the sooner they will start working for the benefit of our society. Screw pumps in Ukraine are used at enterprises to work with viscous, thick and viscous products, as well as when pumping low-viscosity [...]

CHOOSING STEINER'S SERVICE is a solution that can quickly meet your needs in a time of need.

We offer not just equipment repair, but comprehensive 24/7 service support, from single repairs to maintenance. Service specialists with many years of experience quickly and thoroughly identify the problem, conduct a technical assessment and develop a set of actions to eliminate the problems. For your convenience, we have developed a service for on-site pump maintenance and equipment repair at the customer's location. [...]

We are 15 years old!

15 YEARS - A LOT OR A LITTLE? We remember well the day when it all started. We will never forget the time when everything was created. Like children, we took our first steps, fell and failed. It was hard, we had to cope with many difficulties on our own. Different people joined the team: successful and not so successful, honest and not so honest, active [...]

Happy spring, lovely ladies!

Every day and every minute, you, bright, educated, inspired individuals, protect us, put a piece of your soul into every business, and most importantly, give us sincere love and hope for the best.

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! On this bright holiday, we can only wish you health, happiness, love, peace, peace of mind and strong faith. May your home always be filled with warmth and comfort, understanding and care.

Spring is a time of change and new beginnings!

Spring is a time for change and new beginnings! It's time to take that important step in life - to buy a new pumping unit.
If you already have pumping equipment, it's time to carry out preventive maintenance, find out how it's doing, and buy spare parts.