Screw (screw) pump

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumps, and their design helps to create a stable outlet pressure at the discharge connection. A screw pump allows for capacity control without any loss of rated pressure. Steiner offers screw pumps of various types and applications - food, chemical, industrial, with a long service life and high efficiency. These machines are reliable and versatile when working with different products, and they are also capable of solving a wide range of tasks.

Вертикальный винтовой насос
Vertical screw pump
Винтовой насос серии К
Screw pump - K series
Screw pump for grapes and pulp
Винтовой насос дозатор серии М
M series screw metering pump
Гигиенический винтовой насос
H series screw pump
W series screw pump
Винтовой насос для высоковязких сред
Screw pumps of the G series
Screw pump - FM series
Single screw pump - principle of operation

A screw pump is a working device in which the pressure is created by displacing the pumped product by a helical metal rotor. The rotor rotates inside the stator, which is made of elastomer, the stator of a screw pump has a complex shape that corresponds to the geometric shape of the screw rotor.

It is important to understand that a company needs to choose a high-quality screw pump, the price of which can vary significantly depending on the rotor-stator pair. A screw pump is a device that requires precision manufacturing of parts, the main ones being the working pair - rotor and stator, which are developed and manufactured using high-precision equipment. The high quality is guaranteed by computer calculation and the use of special calculation programmes, which helps to increase the service life of the pump rotor and reduce stator output. For companies that have problems pumping complex products, the solution is to buy a screw pump with a suitable rotor. This will help reduce energy consumption during product pumping.


Features of the use of screw pumps

Screw pumps in Ukraine are used by enterprises to work with viscous, thick and viscous products, as well as when pumping low-viscosity masses. Depending on the material and design of the pumps, it is possible to pump such products as pastes, resins, foodstuffs, oils, abrasive and aggressive liquids. Screw pumps ensure gentle pumping, which means that the particles in the pumped liquid are not destroyed, crushed or mixed with the base liquid. Steiner screw pumps are designed for use in food processing, mining, chemical plants, wastewater treatment, manufacturing, petrochemical plants and sludge dewatering. Due to their technical features, the pumps can be made in various configurations, for example, many enterprises use a submersible screw pump, although this design is rare, it allows solving a large number of tasks.