Plunger pump (Piston)

Plunger pump - this pump is a positive displacement pump, which is designed to create high pressure in the discharge port. The working element of a piston pump is a plunger - a piston. Typically, piston pumps have a piston made of ceramic or high-strength alloy. This ensures high performance and makes the piston pump more reliable in operation.
High-pressure piston pumps - design features

High-pressure plunger pumps have a number of special features in their design. For example: the pump head is one-piece, all internal components are also one-piece and made of forged stainless steel. The high-pressure reciprocating pump has suction and discharge valves that are carefully and precisely matched. The valves, plungers and gaskets are easily and directly accessible without dismantling the plunger head.

The highly simplified process of replacing plunger sets ensures that the required pressure to capacity ratio is set effortlessly. Piston pumps in Ukraine are widely used in industrial production. Their use makes it possible to transport working fluids with low energy consumption and to ensure the supply of the product under high pressure. Almost every enterprise needs to supply fluid under high pressure, which can be provided by a plunger pump; you can buy a pump with an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive.