The range of barrel pumping systems from Steiner

Barrel pumping systems are a structure consisting of a pump (usually pneumatically operated), a metal frame and a system control unit. Systems of this type are widely used at the production facilities of many industrial enterprises. Often, the components are delivered to the enterprises in barrels on pallets. As a rule, if the product is viscous, it is an insurmountable problem to remove the component from the barrel. In such cases, Steiner's barrel extraction systems come to the rescue.

Pumping systems for barrels - applications in production

Every production facility has a variety of different equipment for unloading, feeding and dosing components. The list of such equipment necessarily includes a discharge pump. The area of its application is quite wide, because quite often it is necessary to unload products with increased viscosity, which are transported in cylindrical containers, barrels, bars, Eurocubes and other containers. It is often quite difficult to get the product out of such containers, in case the product is aggressive or viscous - special equipment is required. For Eurocubes and drums with products of not high viscosity, it will be enough to apply a system of pumping out of drums. Its design is a pump with an extended suction pipe, which can be used to remove the liquid from the container. The drum pumping system can have a flexible suction connection, which is often made of polymer material, or a metal one, which is made of aluminium or stainless steel.

The advantages of the Steiner barrel pumping system:
  • High degree of structural reliability;
  • Pumping out extremely viscous components;
  • Manufactured in accordance with FDA, 3A and EHEDG certificates;
  • The ability to unload from pallets;
  • Ability to work with non-standard types of barrels and containers;
  • Minimum residue in the tank after pumping out.