Chemical pumps for acid

Центробежный моноблочный насос из нержавеющей стали
Stainless steel monoblock pump
Химический пластиковый моноблочный насос с механическим уплотненимем
Pump with mechanical seal
Химический насос вертикального типа
Chemical vertical pump
Chemical monoblock pump of the ECO series
Chemical pump - series made of plastic
Chemical pump made of stainless steel

Chemical pumps do not differ in principle from a traditional centrifugal pump. The main difference lies in the design of the surface of the working part, namely the material of the impeller and the elements of the wetted surfaces of the pump. Chemical pumps have found their application in processes where traditional centrifugal pumps simply cannot cope.

Pump for aggressive media - applications

Chemical centrifugal pumps - used for handling aggressive media. Acid pumps are capable of pumping acids, oils, foodstuffs, alkalis, liquids with relatively small inclusions, cleaning solutions, liquids in water purification and water treatment systems, and abrasive liquids with a high content of suspended particles. The centrifugal acid pump is suitable for pumping both acid solutions and pure acid. In battery production, a pump for alkali is essential, as this is an aggressive medium, and only a pump for aggressive liquids with a special corrosion-resistant design can handle such products.

Установка центробежного насоса

Pump for chemical liquids - special features

Steiner's chemical pumps are designed for use in food and pharmaceutical production, but are also used in the chemical industry, in water treatment and purification systems, in the petrochemical industry and in places where reliable and high-quality pumps are required for continuous operation. Pumps for pumping chemical liquids can be of different designs, i.e. centrifugal pumps with stuffing box seals, magnetic coupling, horizontal or vertical design.