"Steiner-Ukraine, together with Kormotech, held a charity event to support our little brothers

On this rainy Saturday morning, we visited the Gostomel shelter for stray animals, where 200 cats (!) and 800 dogs (!!!) have found a home. 60 kg of cat food is a joint contribution of Steiner-Ukraine and Kormotech (TM "Meow") to support the shelter's activities.

We urge everyone who cares to help these sweet creatures, because they need our love and care so much. We are still impressed by the kindness and dedication of the shelter staff, who give their care and affection to our little brothers every day. Shelter contacts: animalprotect.org

We would like to express our special gratitude to our friends and partners, #Kormotech, the first domestic animal feed manufacturer. A few years ago, we implemented a joint project to build a production complex in the Lviv region.The Kormotech plant is equipped with modern equipment from our Dutch partner, SELO.